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עילם אורין
  • תאריך לידה: 04.09.1972
  • שפות מדוברות: אנגלית(US) שפת אם, עברית, ערבית, צרפתית, גרמנית, יידיש, רוסית

"Shooter". Co Star (opposite Josh Stewart). USA. Director: Yuval Adler
"NCIS: Los Angeles". Guest Star (opposite Chris O'Donnell). CBS. Director: Frank Military
"Code Black". Guest Star (opposite Marcia Gay Harden). CBS. Director: David Semel
"Between The Lines". Guest Star (opposite Robert Downey Jr.). A&E. Director: Christen Harty-Schaefer
"America's Most Wanted". Lead Guest Star | villain. Fox. Director: Tom Finerty
"In God's Name". Lead Guest Star. CBS. Director: Jules & Gedeon Naudet
"The Guest Book". Co Star. TBS. Director: Greg Garcia
"30 Rock." Co Star (opposite James Marsden). NBC. Director: Michael Engler
"The Good Wife". Co Star (opposite Chris Noth). CBS. Director: Jim McKay
"Sex and the City". Co Star (opposite Mikhail Baryshnikov). HBO. Director: Timothy Van Patten

"Keep the Lights On". Principal (opposite Julianne Nicholson). Parts & Labor. Director: Ira Sachs
"The Cold Winter." Lead (Frank). Winter Films. Director: Atley Loughridge
"Joy Incorporated". Lead (Ziya). IceWater Pic. Director: Jordan Schachter
"Things Come Apart". Lead (Olivier Du Sexe). CC Prods. Director: Chris Craig
"Last Man Standing". Supporting (Danny). UnderBorder Films. Director: Emilio Roso
"Encounters". Lead (The Lover). Anibas Films. Director: Sabina Kurz
"Five-Non Five". Lead (Devon). Zander Films, Berlin. Director: Anja Zander
"Der Kinder". Lead (Obi Wan). New Arts. Director: David Carmichael
"Autumn Dawn". Supporting (David). Anibas Films. Director: Sabina Kurz
"Color of Truth". Principal (WWII Partizan). Vital Forces Productions. Director: Fred Smith
"New York November". Principal (Officer Cooper). Finn Productions, Vienna. Director: Gerhard Fillei
"Aphrodite Calls the Cops". Lead (Ben). Co Turn Gigs. Director: St.John Smith
"A Nightmare On Bialik Street". Lead (The Director). Flaic Productions. Director: Aylam Orian

"Fauda". English Version dubbing (English, Arabic). Netflix. Director: Assaf Bernstein
"X-Men": Apocalypse. ADR (German, Russian, Arabic). Fox. Director: Bryan Singer
"Independence Day": Resurgence. ADR (English, Arabic). Fox. Director: Roland Emmerich
"Homeland". ADR (German, Russian, Arabic). Showtime. Director: Lesli Linka Glatter
"Berlin Station". ADR (German, French, English). EPIX. Director: Michaël R. Roskam
"Marco Polo". ADR (Italian, Hebrew, Arabic). Netflix. Director: David Petrarca
"Legends". ADR (Arabic, British, Czech). TNT. Director: Jon Jones
"Dig." ADR (Hebrew, Arabic, English). USA. Director: Tim Kring, Gideon Raff
"In God's Name". Rabbi Metzger (Hebrew accent). CBS. Director: Jules & Gedeon Naudet
"The Embryo Who Came In From the Cold". Dr. Virgin (British accent). Animation feature. Director: Ganit Orian
"The Red Hunter". Dr. Uranium (Russian accent). Video game. Director: Spyros Papavasiliou
"Premiere Networks Radio". Various characters (Russian, French, Arabic). Radio skits. Various directors
AICF Gala. Narrator. Radio / TV Promo. Director: Ken Kline

Voice samples:

"Uncle Vanya". Lead (Dr. Astrov). The Players Theatre, NYC. Director: Dorota Krimmel
"The Duchess of Malfi". Lead (Antonio). Marilyn Monroe Theatre, NYC. Director: Michael Ryan
"Beautiful World..." Lead (Ben). 14 Street Theatre, NYC. Director: David Bar-Shlomo
"Joy Incorporated". Lead (Ziya). Studio 111, NYC. Director: Jordan Schachter
"Loose Ends". Lead (Paul). Marilyn Monroe Theatre, NYC. Director: Stephen Michaels
"True West". Lead (Lee). Stella Adler Theatre, NYC. Director:  Debra Wiley
"Hamlet". Lead (Hamlet). Stella Adler Theatre, NYC. Director: Patrick Quagliano
"Yom Kippur". Supporting (Lieutenant Avi). West End Theatre, NYC. Director: Deborah Savadge
"Yom Kippur". Supporting (Lieutenant Avi). The Workshop Theatre, NYC. Director: Halina Ujda

Invasion of the Sinch. Lead (Donald Sutherland spoof). Gaff Films. Director: Gil Seltzer
Ricola. Supporting (Canadian Ambassador). Giraldi Media. Director: Bob Giraldi
Seat Ibiza. Lead (Young Father). Treibstoff Films. Director: Jan Wentz
ESPN/California Almonds. Lead (Sports Fan). The Vault. Director: Tim Kendall
Pelephone (opposite Dina Doronne). Lead (Business Man). Matar Productions. Director: Dror Shaul
Tadiran. Lead (Scientist). ICP Productions. Director: Ram Baruch
The Yellow Pages (opposite Dova'le Glickman). Lead (Business Man). Hadas Productions. Director: Shai Kanot
Mastercard Japan. Supporting (Bar Patron). JNP. Director: Kazuo Hiroshi

Languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English (fluent), German, Russian, French, Yiddish (conversational), Polish (basic)
Accents: German, Russian, French, Eastern European, Scandinavian, British, Italian, Middle Eastern, Arabic, Israeli, Yiddish
Special: Intelligence skills, Military skills, Firearms, Krav Maga, Motorcycles, Stick shift cars, Working with kids, Working with animals
Sports: Yoga, Krav Maga, Boxing, Capoeira, Jogging, Hiking, Swimming, Rowing (Kayak/Canoe), Olympic shooting
Arts: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Basic Drums, Rock singing, Basic Tango, Basic Salsa, Filmmaking, Photography, Photoshop, Painting, Drawing
Trivia: Vegan, Animal lover and advocate, founder of the National Animal Rights Day in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe