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yasmin finegold

Yasmin Feingold was born in 1989, she was the Israel academic rowing champion  in the years 2008, 2010 and 2012.

Yasmin was born in Tel Aviv, studied in Ironi Alef high school and is a member of Tel Aviv's rowing club.

On October 2005 Yasmin first participated in the Israeli rowing  championship in the Yarkon river and in 2008 won the Israeli sportive singles rowing championship and also won as a part of a four rowing crew.

Yasmin represented Israel in the European championship of the EUSA organization in Croatia and the FISU organization in Serbia,

On August 2008 Yasmin one first prize in the Lithuania open championship and also won two silver medals in the Norwegian competition.

On May 2009 Yasmin flipped over while rowing in the Yarkon river and was hit in her head, losing consciousness. It took 4 minutes until Avi Toybin, a 62 year old passerby rescued Yasmin.

Avi later reported that Yasmin was attaches to the rowing boat with her shoes (known in the field of academic rowing).

Yasmin was brought into Ichilov hospital and hospitalized suffering serious wounds, intubated and anesthetized in the intensive care unit.

Upon waking up Yasmin could not identify her visitors and lost all short term memory. After a rehabilitation period in Levinstein institute, Yasmin returned to academic rowing.

On October 2010 Yasmin won the Israeli rowing championship in a crew of four at the 1000 meter competition and on April 2012 Ysamin won the singles 2000 meter competition.

Lectures / Seminars

  • "On May 4, 2009, in five fateful minutes on the Yarkon,
    my entire path, which was so structured and closed, was cut off.
    From this low place where all my skills were threatened,
    I had to start climbing back up. "
    Yasmin tells  frankly about the difficulties that accompany the loss of control
    over the brain and the difficulties, falls,Successes, and ways of regaining control over basic abilities.

    The lecture is accompanied by documentation about  the first stages of her 
    rehabilitation and in general.

    In the lecture Yasmin talks about:

            Coping with crises and fears

             The importance of creative thinking, mutual help, and determination and perseverance

             Placing large targets and small targets

             Excellence as a way of life

            The role of sports and mathematics studies in the rehabilitation process and in general

    Jasmine has lectured to many diverse audiences - from large business companies through social organizations
    To elementary schools.
    Jasmine has lectured to many diverse audiences - from large business companies through social organizations
    To elementary schools.
    The many facets of the event, and her life before and after the accident, allow each person to relate to her words,
    And find a valuable message in them.
    Characteristics of the lecture:

    Yasmin tells her story with emphases such as "heroism,"
    "determination and perseverance," "coping with crisis," "empowerment,
    "Problem solving", "sports values" - in accordance with the requirements of the ordering party.

    Yasmin combines her mother's point of view, which was a key partner in the rehabilitation process.
    This format presents two points of view,
    Revealing the special dynamics between the two.
    This lecture is especially suitable for diverse audiences, such as those involved in rehabilitation and events
     "Motherhood and   Bat Mitzvah daughters "

    The lecture can be ordered in Hebrew and English.

    The lecture is about an hour long.

    Equipment required: Madonna or Microphone, Projector (Barco) and amplification