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eitan hermon

Lectures / Seminars

  • It can happen on a casual Tuesday, even on Sunday after the holidays,
    When a tall guy will  enters to the familiar  meetings room and will start to talk .
    In a few minutes she will come - the inspiration.
    Because when Eitan Hermon begins to tell his story,
    it is  impossible to remain indifferent or cynical.
    He was a 31-year-old reservist when he found himself
    in the middle of the Second Lebanon War, on a stretcher,
    A severely injured man with a shattered leg.
    "i will  run a marathon" is what he had to
    say to his friends who evacuated him to the hospital.
    And here, in fact, began an incredible journey.
    Eitan had to faced with a difficult dilemma of
    whether to cut his leg in order to continue running.
    In a courageous step, he decided on a amputation and from there he continued
    on to a long rehabilitation process and then, step by step, he got up and started to run.
    Since then Eitan Hermon has not stopped .
     he  has run a professional marathon, he is a world champion
    in the London Marathon 2015 and intends to run to the world record.
    When you hear it you realize that our own impossible is entirely possible.
    That it is a matter of determination and willpower,
    that with courage and daring we can all make better choices and bring ourselves
    To the results and changes we have envisaged.
    When you leave the lecture, you return to your daily life,
    to the coffee corner, the office, or home to the children
    Take a great dose of inspiration and understanding that is more possible. much more. Why not?

    - The lecture is accompanied by a relevant presentation.

    Length of lecture: 1 hour
    Technical needs: Barco and projector + amplifier, Madonna or wireless microphone.

    Impressive impressions from the lecture / workshop