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danny roup

Lectures / Seminars

  • danny roup - not just local rain

    these questions and many others are answered by Danny Roup
    in his new lecture.
    He is always there (the weather) but do we really think about him?
    he is  an integral part of our lives. he affects on  our mood and our
    morning run. 
    In short, our lives as well as human history  have always been
    influenced by the weather.
    A storm, a high wave sea, smog or haze, just choose.
    Danny Roup is a synonym for weather reporting for almost 30 years
    and is considers 'Israel's weather reporter". Danny is a talented athlete 
    and love gadgets. He is well known in every Israeli household and is the 
    person that prepares us for any change in the weather. In a humorous
    and expressive lecture Dani exposes the "behind the scenes" of weather
    reporting. The lecture is full of surprises and relies on new presentation
    technologies which enable to test the effects of weather on global
    ​ economy, politics, sport events and more.

    Length of lecture: about 1 hour
    The lecture is accompanied by a unique presentation and an innovative interface